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Junior Plastic srl was founded in 1972 by Adriano Ramacciotti, aiming to be strategic supplier of linings for leading motorcycle and car helmets Manufactures. In short time production reached the peak of 5.000 units per day.
In 1986 Junior Plastic began production of linings for ski and snowboards helmets and started a very profitable relationship with very famous Athlets of the white Circus.

It was in 1998 that Junior Plastic srl for the first time in her history, entered the ski market with her own range of complete helmets.
Huge investments for new moulds, more that 25 years of experience, in -house production processes and high quality standards, all together made the Company to in short time very successful and her helmets began to be on the shelves of every winter shop in Italy and in many
Foreigh Countries, especially around Alpes.

Trade name ‘'Mivida winter helmets'' had started his way.

Since 2007 Junior Plastic srl has included helmets for moped and scooters in the production Line.

All helmets are tested and certified according to the Italian and CE norms.

Safety, confort, lightness are standards for us. Flexibility in production gives Junior Plastic srl
The possibility to customize products according to various demands of the market. Design,colours,
Style and fantasy clearly mark our products to be part of the Made in Italy world.