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The collection 2017 “mivida urban & fashion helmets”

Made In Italy


Lady pearl


Water decals. Painted side plates and upper vents. Quick release micrometric cin strap. Ergonomic and traspirant inner liner. Anti-UV and anti-scratch visor. Double inner and outer shell. Sizes XS-XXL.




  • LP1P

  • LP5M

  • LP2S

  • LP2M

Z600 Line

Z600 Helmet have a very modern design.

Elegance lines are perfectly balanced and this giving a technical look to the helmet.

Thanks double size of inner and outer shell, we can produce high performance helmets for female users, too.

Retro line

Retrò Helmets' highest expression is the Vintage collection. Retrò range offers "Urban" helmets for daily use and "Fashion" helmets with strong attention to details.

RetrĂ² J

Retrò J line address to youngsters, cause of many coloured graphics. Helmet can be located under the bike seat cause of lighter shape. Inner pads are removable, washable and have colours in accordance with outer colours of helmet.